PACE Applications and Utilities: (Windows, Web, TeleForm and PDF)
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1. PACE TeleForm Reader Extender - Auto generates TeleForm .BHF (Batch Header Files) from subfolders of TIF images. (Thereby allowing TeleForm Reader to auto-create TeleForm-Batches from those specific TIFs) Flow: BHF Diagram as PDF
2. PACE Fast Score - A TeleForm and Pace Integration to: Design, Scan, Score and Analyze Exams/Tests - TeleForm designed tests/exams are processed against a Table-Driven Answer key, with a Pace application providing scoring and analysis per student and roster. This dynamic test scoring solution provides immediate results, quickly identifying WHAT and WHO is taught well or poorly.
Overview Highlights as PDF
Descriptive Slides as PDF
Flow: TeleForm / BHF / FastScore as PDF
3. PACE EZ Converter - A Document Filetype Converter (eg: PDF-to-TIF or TIF-to-PDF) - This program polls folder(s) holding files to be converted to other image types, like PDF,TIF,BMP,PNG or JPG, creating their conversions to out-folder(s). The program's INI file holds Folder and Property PollSets that control the program's conversion process. Flow Diagram as PDF
4. PACE EZ Rename Doc's filename according to embedded barcode value - Your application copies image docs like: TIF, JPG, GIF, BMP, WMF or PNG into a folder which have an embedded barcode, and this Pace app moves them to a target folder renaming their filename's according to the embedded barcode's value Flow Diagram as PDF
5. PACE EZ Fax-Back or Email-Attach-Back via a Text Request - Your application simply creates a text file referencing files you would like to gather and deliver, and this Pace program performs the delivery(Fax via RightFax and Email via SMTP). Flow Diagram as PDF
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6. PACE EZ PDF Form Flow Into TeleForm via Web or Email - Using a TeleForm Design converted to a fillable PDF, you can either post it on a web page with a submit button, or have a user email attach it, and this flow-system moves the form's data into your TeleForm system. (Note: As the PDF's field values are known, TeleForm Reader does not do any OCR/evaluating, and the data ends up directly in TeleForm Verifier or you can by pass TeleForm Verifier and go directly to the TeleForm's exports.) Flow Diagram as PDF
7. PACE - Batch Print Adobe .XFDF .FDF .PDF Files, or, Batch processes files with an extension of your choice with a matching program of your choice - The program's INI file is where you set which folder(s) to watch, what extension, optional parms and which bat to launch against each file extension. Flow Diagram as PDF
8. PACE EZ Email Attachment Downloader - Automatically download email attachments, (from a polled-email-address to a Folder). Uses the standard Mail Application Program Interface(MAPI). Flow Diagram as PDF
9. PACE EZ Email Attachment Downloader using MS Outlook Macro Run-Script Rule - This MS Outlook Macro Run-Script reacts to arriving emails and downloads the arriving emailís attachment files to a folder of your choice. Flow Diagram as PDF
10. PACE EZ PDF to CSV Field Value Extractor - Extracts PDF field values into CSV files via polling a folder where you place your PDFs. Flow Diagram as PDF
11. PACE EZ Create TeleForm Flows from CSV Data - Generates TeleForm ready XQL or TFM files from CSV data that TeleForm Reader's Remote Data Agent flows into TeleForm with no OCR/evaluations being performed (as it has the data values from the CSV file), therefore the CSV data ends up directly in TeleForm Verifier or you can by pass TeleForm Verifier and go directly to the TeleForm's exports. Flow Diagram as PDF
12. PACE EZ Web(IIS) Form Data Collection System - Collect Web Form data to 5 different targets, (including CSV and ODBC), via a simple textual control file setup. Flow Diagram as PDF
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13. PACE Fast Store Document Management System - A storage and retrieval document management library system for Web or Windows deployment.
Flow Diagram as PDF
FastStore Web Demo
14. PACE EZ CSV (Comma Separated Value) Average and Standard Deviation Analyzer - Anaylzes CSV Numeric Field Values for Average and Standard Deviations via a simple textual control file setup.
ScreenShot Diagram as PDF
Example Report Analysis as PDF
15. PACE EZ Email Broadcast System - A Table Driven broadcast email system (written in Web-ASP). It sends email messages, w/optional attachments, to lists of recipients that you have loaded into a simple sql-table. Flow Diagram as PDF
16. PACE EZ CSV Document Finder w/Launch Option - Search a CSV file that has a document referenced, w/option to launch a viewer against it. Flow Diagram as PDF
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17. PACE EZ PDF and CSV Merge/Manipulation Program (To Print or Email) - Batch merge Comma Separated Value(CSV) textual rows to Saved-As .PDFs and/or to Print. This program is also launch-able on demand. Also,(using its GUI), you can select which .PDFs from a folder of .PDFs to include in a csv merge. A user can also append all .PDFs in a folder to one combined .PDF. There is also a dialog that allows you to process csv rows that have an email address column (that also optionally has a column of a reference to a PDF file) then email distribute via MAPI or SMTP Description as PDF
18. PACE Web(IIS) Product Literature Library Downloads and Document Repository - Allows (Upload + Index/Search/Download) Library Web Demo
19. PACE EZ Copy 1 File at a Time To a Target Folder - This program moves only one file at a time to a target folder. This is useful by programs like TeleForm's Auto-Batch-Create, to ensure that only one Teleform-Auto-Batch is created per input file. This program does this by polling a source folder, and only moving a file to the target folder if that target folder is empty. Flow Diagram as PDF
20. PACE EZ Break multi-paged TIF files into single paged TIF files - This program polls In-Folders, making a separate TIF file for each page of each TIF. The outputted filenames are prefixed with the original filename and suffixed with: "__P_nn_nnď. Optionally, you can also output the TIF less its first page, and as well, output just the first page of the TIF. Flow Diagram as PDF
21. PACE EZ Move TIF files from a source folder to a target folder, appending to the TIF if the TIF already exists - This program polls In-Folders, moving *.TIF files from PathIn to PathOut (appending if the filename exists). Flow Diagram as PDF
22. Create Multiple TIF Files from one TIF File - This program allows you to create Multiple TIF Files from one TIF File. A user selects a TIF from a folder, then checks the starting point for each new document. Options to: reorder, insert-outside-images, repeat particular pages for each document or delete pages. Flow Diagram as PDF
23. Check for corrupt TIF files (rebuilding if possible) - Moving non-corrupt TIFs to a target folder - This program checks TIF files for corruption, rebuilding corrupt TIFs where possible. Flow Diagram as PDF
24. PACE EZ Move Files (via DIR mask) from Source Folders to Target Folders - Simply moves (by watching for) files from IN folders to their directed OUT folders, with an optional Archive folder. (Also has an optional Teleform *.TFM filenaming ability - see Flowchart for details). Flow Diagram as PDF
25. PACE EZ Move Files (via DIR mask) from Source Folders to MULTIPLE Target Folders - Simply moves (by watching for) files from IN-Folders to their directed multiple OUT folders. (See flowchart's example INI control file).Supports adding prefix , suffix and renaming options to the fileís name. (Three target folders are supported - B and C are optional). - see Flowchart for details). Flow Diagram as PDF
26. PACE EZ Duplicate/Generate CSV rows, auto-sequencing the requested csv columns (given a 2-row csv template file: Header row and 1-data row) - This is a program that uses an existing 2-row CSV template file, where its first row is the CSVís Header row, and will duplicate the CSVís 2nd data row as many times as you request, auto-sequencing your requested columns from their starting number in the CSV fileís second (data) row. (Note: This is handy for making CSV merge files for use in programs like Teleformís Auto-Merge-Publisher.) - see the flow chart for more information. Flow Diagram as PDF
27. PACE EZ Rename PDFs to Include a Suffix that has the Number of Pages it Contains. - This program moves .PDF files from a source folder to a target folder, renaming each .PDF's filename to include a suffix "_Pn" which is the number of pages in the .pdf eg: "markx.pdf" (if having 3 pages would become) "markx_P3.pdf" Flow Diagram as PDF
28. Adobe fill able PDFs with Teleform Designer and Electric Paper's eForm option - Electric Paperís eForm allows you to create a fill able PDF from a Teleform Design (with its simple export option - see flow chart) where this PDF then can be used on a web page, or email-forwarded as an attached PDF for a user to fill. Flow Diagram as PDF
29. Teleform Auto-Merge-Publisher(AMP) TIP - How to print-to-file using Teleform's AMP - Teleform Auto-Merge-Publisher(AMP) TIP - How to print-to-file using Teleform's AMP and the NovaPDF(lite) printer. Tip: Teleform AMP Print-to-File as PDF using NovaPDF

  • Other PACE Web and Windows Applications
    • PACE Web(IIS) PDF-Dynamic Form/Application Manager:
      (Keyinput/DataMerge/Update + Index/Search/Email); Use optional Fast HTML builder - to fill, then present/display collected data in a PDF
      Click Here for Demo

    • PACE OASIS HealthCare Expressway
      Automates the capture, management and response of HCFA requrired OASIS data, dynamically creates 485 Plan of Care documents and provides for electronic storage & retrieval of patient records.
      Click here for an OASIS Case Study (pdf)
      Click Here for a .PDF example of a Start of Care OASIS form

    • PACE Human Resources Expressway
      Automates the capture, management and response processes related to the hiring process. Automates Employment Applications and subsequently needed new hire documents.
      Click Here for NJ Transit Case Study (pdf)

    • PACE Test Scoring Expressway
      Dynamically conceived Answer sheet/database, which automates the capture, management and response processes related to test or suvey questions & answers.
      Click Here for an example AICPA Answer Sheet Form (pdf)
      Click here for an Interactive Quiz Demo

    • PACE Custom Rapid Application Development
      Pace uses a prototyping technique to rapidly produce effective computer solutions to business problems. Using popular database backends and quick Windows Development tools, Pace can get you up and testing your software as soon as possible.

    • PDF Forms Creation
      Pace will use rapid-action form creation techniques to create your custom forms (with or without fillable fields). Products include: Liquid Office Designer; Teleform Designer, Teleform Designer with Electric Paper's eForm optional export as a fill able PDF, Adobe Acrobat;

    • FTP Poll'er Program
      Poll IN-Folders, FTP'ing files to their requested targeted site's folder
      Click Here for a Flow Diagram(pdf)

    • PDF .XFDF Batch Printing (also supports .FDF Batch Printing and .PDF Batch Printing)
      This program polls/watches specified folders, and for each .XFDF, .FDF or .PDF file in these folders, the data will then be merged onto its .PDF and printed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (AcroRD32.exe /t), then moved to a \Done folder.
      Click Here for a Flow Diagram(pdf)